ERP partner selection requirements

  • The recommended ERP system for introduction should have a hungarian user interface.
  • The recommended controlling(leading)ERP system should work on the currant office operation system( Win 10 )
  • In the widespread office systems, data should be processed and performed without modification.
  • The ERP system should have the hungarian declaration in accordance with accounting standards.
  • The ERP system should have several Hungarian competitor and independent professional support in hungarian.
  • The ERP system assistance should be available during business hours over the phone and also with remote access.
  • The ERP system assistance if requested should have outside office hours over the phone and also with remote access.
  • The ERP system should have basic user documantation in hungarian.
  • The ERP system in case of expansion of the company, at the potentional destination, should have, the localized system versions and references in the adaquate local language.
  • In the companies operational field, introductory professionals should have sufficent references.
  • The targeted areas for introduction(financial,logistics, CRM,service,production, material consumption planning,business opportunity management) should have adaquate ready-made and customizable features.
  • The ERP system document images and queries should be easily cutomiesed by the user.
  • The ERP system database layout optionally and individually(on company level)should be extended, customised without any devolpment task.
  • The ERP system should be capable to operate more companies or company groups.
  • The ERP system should be able to be connected to the related other office systems in use(bank terminal,ANYK,MKVK, web cam or web-shop,sms sending function etc.)
  • The ERP system main datas-business partner,goods,prices,etc.-should be able to operate from a mobile device.

What is a corporate management and what is a corporate management system?

The corporate management system is a computer softver which is capable to make out a companies outgoing bills. In case it is only able to do that it would be called a billing system therefore a management system is much more than a billing system but essentially this is the basis. The corporate management system handles together the outgoing and incoming bills, handles the cash registers and bank records, capable of supplying a support of professional tasks on the softwer?? It is also important that it handles it all (intergrated) together so a data shouldn’t have to be registered at more places. Generally it is also supplemented with a ledger modul and it runs throughout the whole company.

What is ERP?

ERP is an english abbrevation and it comes from the term Enterpize Resource Planning. ERP is generally identified as a corporate management system. When someone is talking about ERP, they generally thinking about a theory behind the system.

What is a CRM?

CRM is also an english abbrevation and it comes from the term Customer Relationship Management. The CRM system can also be part of the corporate management systems (ERP). The CRM system is also capable to operate on its own but most corporate management system has the CRM system as part of it because without it they would be unviable on the market. The CRM system is a computer softwer,program which is capable to operate on its own and also as part of another system and handles the communication between the company and they cutomers. This data is used in order to expand and grow the business and make it more profitable.

What is DMS?

DMS is also an english abbrevation and it comes from the term Dealer Management System. The DMS systems are part of the corporete management system groups which were specifically designed for car dealerships. This term is also used for Document Management System.

What is MIS?

MIS is also an english abbrevation term for Management Information System.These moduls are part of the corporate management system and are used to extract management information. It generally informs the compay managers through reports about the operation of the company. These type of systems can be installed individually, in that case they usually extract data from other professional systems and they report the platform to the managers so they can see and analys all data together.


The SAP Business one supports the Taxation Department online invoicing from the 2018, 1.0 version.

For our current version, please contact us so your data prevision is in order!