Meaning of entrainment. Definition There is no correct definition of what is a “pool fire” and it can only be ... entrainment time=τ ... pool fire is small the flame and the surrounding air will be laminar. Information and translations of entrainment in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Under this condition, the entrainment rate can be approximated as 1/4 of that of an axisymmetric plume. A) Heat B) Smoke C) Rapid oxidation D) Heat change of a product. Entrain definition is - to draw along with or after oneself. Atmospheric and forced disturbances in the air being entrained in- creased the entrainment rate of the plume. Google Scholar Entrainment remedies like fish screens are not the sole answer to the survival problems faced by many fish species, and big entrainment programs in places like the Pacific region states are largely supported by federal subsidy (which is not necessarily a secure thing). Entrapment definition is - the action or process of entrapping. C) fueling the fire. D) flameover. How to use entrapment in a sentence. Low down in the plume, the centre will be rich in flammable gases and this will be surrounded by an envelope offlame. B) entrainment. 1 Fire Spread 13 2 Definition of a Flashover 14 3 Signs and Symptoms ofa Flashover 14 4 Actions by Firefighters 14 Aide Memoire 2 15 ... process known as entrainment. INTRODUCTION In the early stages of a fire in a building, the rate of production of hot gas by a fire and the temperature of this gas will depend very strongly on the rate of entrainment in the fire plume and in the flame itself. What does entrainment mean? o It depends on an entrainment correlation o Results form a simple mass and energy balance between two control volumes o Breaks down when the smoke layer gets close to the floor, when the two control volumes become one and the entrainment correlation is no longer valid What is the simplest definition of fire? A) Heat B) Chemical chain reaction ... entrainment. Which of the following elements of fire is known as a "reducing agent"? M.A. 2-20–2-31 (1995). C) Rapid oxidation. Definition of entrainment in the dictionary. Entrainment pushes your whole brain into a pre-determined state, while neurofeedback teaches you how to move specific parts of your brain on your own. How to use entrain in a sentence. It is the differeence between forcing the brain into a given position, and skills building so you can move it there yourself. Delichatsios, “Air Entrainment into Buoyant Jet Flames and Pool Fires,” The SFPE Handbook of Fire Protection Engineering, 2nd ed., Society of Fire Protection Engineers and National Fire Protection Association, Quincy, MA, pp. International Journal on Engineering Performance-Based Fire Codes 139 y Corner plume When the fire source is located at the corner, air entrainment is affected by two sidewalls, and so the entrainment rate would be even smaller.